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Dynamic Dance Arts

A family owned and operated dance studio in Etobicoke. Dance has always been the biggest passion in our lives and we grew up fuelling that passion from a young age. Dance has been so influential in shaping us into the individuals we are today. Just as we fuelled our passion from a young age, our goal is to provide inspiration for our students to follow their passions!

As we watch our students learn, explore and grow in our classes, not only as dancers but as individuals, we feel so blessed to be a part of their dance journeys. Whether it’s in one of our classes or in every day life, we hope our students never miss the dance to dance!

Our Team

Cassandra Pecchia - Artistic Director

Cassandra's passion for dance begun at the age of four when she took her first tap class. A few short years later she became a competitive dancer, competing both locally and internationally. She compared against dancers from all across North America, often winning top awards. Cassandra is trained in tap, jazz, ballet, hiphop, modern, lyrical, and musical theatre. In high school, Cassandra attended Etobicoke School of the Arts as a dance major where she studied Cecchetti ballet and modern dance daily, and was a part of the dance program's productions, such as Alice in Wonderland and Romeo and Juliet. It was around this time that Cassandra also began teaching dance to young children, which sparked her love of teaching. During her university years, she was teaching dance everyday to children from the age of two to eighteen, in many disciplines of dance. She also worked at a local community centre for the City of Toronto durning the summer months as the head counsellor for the dance camp, which she still remains a part of to this day. After university, Cassandra attended teachers college where she completed a Bachelor of Education in the primary/junior divisions. For a few years, Cassandra actively pursued a profession in teaching, yet was always pulled back to her roots in dance. Presently, Cassandra has opened up Dynamic Dance Arts with her cousin and close friend Shannen, where they hope to inspire their students and ignite the same passion for dance that they have, throughout the years to come.

Shannen Clark - Artistic Director

Shannen began her dance training at the age of three after falling in love with the art form while watching her older cousin Cassandra perform. At the age of eight, she began to train as a competitive dancer and competed both locally and internationally. She has won various awards in her tap and contemporary solo's, as well as winning top overalls with her duets and trios. Shannen is trained in tap, jazz, ballet, acro, hiphop, contemporary, modern, lyrical, and musical theatre. Shannen attended Etobicoke School of the Arts, where she majored in dance. She was intensely trained in Cecchetti ballet and Graham, Limon and Horton modern dance. She was part of the school's dance company, where she got the opportunity to perform lead roles in school productions, as well as train across the city with some of the modern industries well respected choreographers. While expanding her dance vocabulary in high school, Shannen also began teaching various recreational and competitive dance disciplines at a studio and community centre. In the summer months, Shannen was the coordinator of a dance camp with the City of Toronto. She continued her education at York University, where she graduated with a Specialized Honors, Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and Health Science, and has also passed her Kinesiologist's exam. Dance remained a big part of her life throughout university where she balanced teaching and schoolwork, as well as being a member of the York Lions Varsity Dance Team, both performing and competing. She was a member of the Silhouettes Dance Company, choreographing and performing alongside many talented individuals for three years. She can't wait to share her passion for with her students!

Bridget D'Orsogna

Bridget D’Orsogna began her dance training at the age of eight. In high school, Bridget attended Father John Redmond as a Dance major where she trained in Cecchetti Ballet, Limon and Graham technique daily. Bridget also danced and competed with the Dance Extension Studio performing in many competitions and completing her RAD Ballet exam. Bridget is currently pursuing a double major in Dance Performance, Choreography (BFA) and Communication Studies (BA) at York University. Bridget actively trains in Modern, Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. She continues to perform in festivals, school innovations and in her free time trains with the Toronto Dance Theater. Bridget is also a dance instructor for the City of Toronto where she teaches Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Arco and Lyrical dance. Bridget has organized many recitals and showcases for the City of Toronto and Rouge Art, an interdisciplinary art showcase. Bridget is thrilled to be joining the Dynamic Dance Arts staff this year!

Dakota Walker

Training in dance since the age of 2, Dakota Walker found his passion with the help of the staff at Danscene in Tillsonburg. As he matured as a dancer at age 9 he went on to study with Elite Dance Centre in Woodstock. At the age of 11 he got the opportunity to go to the National Ballet School of Canada’s (NBS) summer program and from there was offered to become a full time student at their year round school. While at NBS he got to be part of Canada’s National Ballet Company’s the Nutcracker. Dakota left the NBS to broaden his studies of dance at Vlads Dance Company in Richmond Hill, and attending ARTs Alexander Mackenzie High School Dance Program, Dakota has had the opportunity to expand his knowledge in dance. Dakota is trained in Contemporary, Ballet, Acrobatics, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Adagio, Tap, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Historical, and Character dance. In the summer of 2013, Dakota had the chance to go to New York City to compete at American Dance Awards National Championship’s. While there Dakota won the most prestigious title of Male Dancer of the Year for 2013. Over the years Dakota has had the privilege of working with choreographers such as Vlad Novitski, Linda Garneau, Mia DiLena, Julia Cratchley, Erin Waltman, and Billy Larson. Dakota has been a cast member in the Company Bridge to Artist’s for 6 seasons. While with this company he has been part of the shows Prima Volta, Senses, On the Sawdust Trail, Checkmate, Imperfectly Perfect, Alice, The Village, and Muse. After graduation, Dakota was offered a contract with Royal Caribbean Cruise lines as a professional Dancer, Tumbler, and Aerialist. Over the past few years Dakota has got the opportunity to travel the world and pursue something he loves. Dakota still currently works as a professional dancer, and has now found a new love of teaching and developing the young dancers of the future.