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How to Register

Interested in registering for classes at Dynamic Dance Arts? Create an account on our parent portal online registration system. This account allows you to register for classes, workshops or camp, pay your tuition and update your dancer's profile in the comfort of your own home 24/7!

Parent Portal Access Here

Need assistance with your online account? Please contact us at dynamicdancearts@gmail.com and we would be more than happy to walk you through any questions you may have.

Don't want to register online? You can also register in studio during our office hours! Download our registration form and bring it into the studio with you.


Check out our 2021/2022 Recreational Schedule to find the perfect class for your dancer!/p>

2021-2022 Schedule


Our classes run from September until June with a two-week break for the winter holidays and a one-week break at March break. Our class tuitions are based on a 10-month dance year and we offer different payment schedules to suit your needs.

Class length depends on your child's age and the length of the class will determine the class fee. All class fees include HST. Contact us for all class tuition amounts!

Our class fees are based on a FULL YEAR and are divided accordingly for convenience.

Payment Options


Pay in full upfront during the first week of classes. Contact us for more information

  • - We accept cash, credit and debit.
  • - Late fees may be charged if payments are not made within the first week of month of payment.
  • Monthly

    Payments are divided into 9 months and payments are made during the first week of every month

  • - We accept cash, credit and debit.
  • - Late fees may be charged if payments are not made within the first week of month of payment.
  • Installments

    Payments are divided into 3 payments

  • - We accept cash, credit and debit.
  • - Late fees may be charged if payments are not made within the first week of month of payment.
  • Boys Programs

    Dynamic Dance Arts encourages boys to dance too! Male dancers are becoming more popular in the dance industry every year. We want to help inspire boys to love dance as much as we do. Boys dance 50% off their first year here with us at Dynamic Dance Arts.

    *Please note that discount programs cannot be combined with any other discount we offer and are only valid when registering before October 31st.

    Discount Program

    Discounts apply to fees of equal or lesser value and cannot be combined. Discounts are not applied to competitive program pricing.

    Pay in Full

  • - 10% off full year payment of classes made during the first week of classes in September.Discount is only valid when you register and pay on or before October 31st.

  • Family Discount

  • - Second child receives 10% off their full year dance tuition
  • - Third or more receives 15% off their full year dance tuition
  • Multiple Class Discount

  • - Second class receives 5%
  • - Third or more receives 10%

  • Studio Policies

  • Dynamic Dance Arts reserves the rights to cancel, combine, or change classes based on enrolment and scheduling conflicts. Students may be asked to change class levels either up or down should the instructor feel it is necessary.
  • Parents and other spectators are not allowed in the dance rooms while class is in progress. Instructors will open the blinds at the end of class for viewing.
  • Only water is allowed in the dance rooms. We do have a vending machine on site, and all purchases must be eaten in lobby or change rooms.
  • No males are allowed in the female change room (including fathers). Should you need to change your dancer, please use the male change room or one of our unisex washrooms.
  • No outside shoes are allowed in the dance rooms. Please leave all boots and other outdoor shoes in change room or at the door.

  • Payments are based off the FULL year and divided into equal monthly or instalment payments for convenience.
  • Discounts can not be combined.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Any payments made after the 10th of the month will be charged a late fee of $10. Payments made at the end of the month are charged $20.
  • All discounts are no longer valid after December 1st. Any new registrations will not be eligible.
  • Costume deposits are required for each dance class you are enrolled in. The first ($40) is due by November 1st and the second is due in January. Costumes are only ordered once both deposits have been paid. These deposits will only be refunded should a costume not yet be purchased. After January 1st, students are held responsible for all remaining costs associated with their costumes.

    All students who wish to withdraw from the program need to provide notice to DDA within two (2) weeks of their withdrawal date. All students who withdraw within the first month of dance are given a full refund of any unused weeks.

    Monthly payments - should a student exit in the middle of the month, no partial payments will be refunded. Payment will be discontinued on the first of the month following their withdrawal

    Instalment payments - any unused dance weeks that have been paid will be prorate and reimbursed should a student choose to withdraw

    Full Year payments - Discount for paying in full is only valid for those who remain participating throughout the entire dance season duration. Should a student withdraw after the first month of dance, a refund will be issued based on regular class rates.

  • In the event that DDA needs to close due to weather or other unforeseen reasons, classes will be rescheduled at a time and date suitable for all the instructors. Should a student be unable to attend the make up class, no refunds will be given.
  • In the event that a make up class is not scheduled by the studio, DDA will credit the amount for that week.
  • Any classes missed by the student for any reason are not refunded or credited. Students may take a make up class when appropriate and pre-approved by DDA staff. Make up classes must be taken within four (4) weeks of original missed date.
  • No make up classes will be given in the months of May and June
  • In the event of a natural disaster/act of God that compromises the duration of the dance season, all costume deposits and balances remain non-refundable. Every effort will be made by DDA to make up lost time. Tuition refunds will only be applied if DDA is unable to provide make up classes. Credits can be issued and carried over into the new dance season should a student be unable to attend the make up classes.